Thursday, 27 November 2014

art galery

Last week on Friday we went to the Art gallery. It was in the Auckland city and we went in buses. The bus was full when we got there we had to wait outside the doors there was some adults and teachers we saw some up top.

When we got into the art gallery we went to a studio. There was jar made out of cardboard on the table. we had to draw pictures and symbols to tell a story .We had to get into groups, I was with Alfa’s dad. we went the Learning Centre,it was colourful in there you can make shadows and there were  mirrors.

At the art gallery you got to sand one meter away from the art. we went in a room and there was lots of art and the teacher was doing a quiz for owe group.Then we had to draw a pictures what came next and they were.

My favour part was the hungry pixels inside the learning centre. you can see yourself and can make shadows.        



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