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do you know want is a tanwha is? we read a book callde tanwha a boy thy the was a tanwha in said a haeter.  


here is a other persetation of a synonyms.


Do you know want a synonyms? have is a persetation.

Monday, 18 May 2015

chocolate game

This morning we played a game. Have you heard about the chocolate game? Well I have. We played it inside room 8. Miss Lavakula brought all of the things we needed including the chocolate, plate and the clothes.

How to play the chocolate game. You have to roll the dice if you get a 6 you have to run in the middle and put on 6 items on your self. If you don't roll a 6 you give it to the next person so they can have a turn. when you put 6 items you grab the fork and knife and cut a chocolate and eat it.Once the chocolate is all gone the game is over.

When it was my turn to get the dice, I was wishing not to get a six, but I did.I got up and I ran in the middle and I was getting dressedup.Then when another person got a six so I quickly ran and sat down.I did not want to came back to me and I tried hard not to get an 6 and I did it.

I was so embarrassed when I got into the middle because people were noisy and shouting at me.I did  not want to dress up when I was in the middle either.

My favourite bit of the game is when I didn't get a 6. I never want to play the chocolate game again              

Monday, 11 May 2015


Anzac stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.  It marks the day where soldiers served in World War One in 1915. That is one hundred years ago, this year. Some soldiers died and others came back home. They went to Gallipoli to fight against soldiers from Turkey.Now in New Zealand and all over the world, people have dawn parade. It is where people can go and remember what happened.  This takes place on 25th of Arip. Poppies were sold in 1922 to raise money for soldiers and their family.  These are sold before Anzac Day and the money goes to RSA’s.  RSA stands for the Royal New Zealand Return and Soldiers Association.

earthquake in nepal

have you heard about the earthquake? well after Anzac day on the 25th of April there was a earthquake in Nepal. Ii was next to south Asia and North India. well in Nepal there was an  earthquake when people running in the the middle of the streets they was huddling up.there were camera that was taking image that was happening in the places.

Did you know it was and 7.8 earthquake the biggest earthquake is 10.people were scared and they were running around like crazy.after the the earthquake there was some people missing and needed to be rescued for other people.some people survival and died.                                      Image result for earthquake in nepal

Friday, 8 May 2015


my weekend

guess  what I did for the long weekend? well I am going to tell you about my long weekend.

In the weekend I went to my uncle to go for a visit. Then we went have something to eat at my aunty house we had pancake,natella and cream.
When we got all of the thing we need we went to bake pancake. Well we got sore scomachs.Then we went in my cousin room to have a rest
after our rest we had to do jobs.

on Saturday I just stayed  home watching movie by my self on my chrome book on the usb. the movie that I was watching is called step  up
all in it was a cool movie. My favourite bit was the dancing bit they had cool move like back flip then I went to sleep.

My loge weekend was kid of cool but I want to have moor fun then this loge weekend I want to go some were cool then this year.  


Thursday, 7 May 2015

problem solving

piatre crew

1. What did they do to fix the ‘Penguin?’ screwed spark plugs
2. What is a marine radio? it a radio you can hod

3. Explain what a rescue team is?it bout were it in the sae  

pirate crew


there was an powerful earthquake that destroyed the whole country.
people were searching thru the  rubble for survival missing and needed to get rescued.
people were searching thru the  rubble for survival.
thousand of people were people were searching thru the rubble for survival.
there was an outbreak disease that was spread around nepa.l

Image result for earthquake in nepal