Monday, 27 July 2015

immersion assembly

Today in a Immersion assembly we had some Items from all of the Teachers.first some of the pt england kids got some play money from the teachers to spend at the auction run by Mr burt. I am going to talk about the items.

This term team two is talking about icecreams.Team two teacher gave some questions to answer there was 5 questions to be answer. If you got the right answer you would get a Icecreams.They are going to make there only first ice cream and they will be tasting.Now I am talk about team four.

Team four is talking about trade & enterprise.We are thinking about making owl thinks to make and sell. We got to pick our own group to go to.I was in the music instrument and my teacher was Mr Sommerville.

Miss King group they was talking about what they want to be when  they grow up. Miss King was a cow girl and a surgeon, Miss Blakey
was in the army protect us.There was heaps of other teacher what they want to be when they grow.

when it was finished everyone was happy and they went back to calss

favorite bit of the immersion assembly was the items.My favorite
was that one because it was funny and cool.I want to go to a another
immersion assembly like the one we went to.


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