Thursday, 5 November 2015


when I got to school I saw lots of food on the table and some of the table was outside.I did not know what we was doing today.Then I saw that we was doing a writing.our writing was about having food race.

We had to get a buddy up with them.The game is quite ease of you got to do is feed your buddy with a weet bix with cream on top. To win you to eat everything off the plate

When we had no more food on our plate we were all done. We had to carln our safe up.and then you feed the other person to feed you.

My favorite bit was feeding my buddy. It was fun and it was funny to make a mass on your  buddy face.My buddy had a funny face with cream.

My buddy was feeding me I eat fast as I called go. I think he was going to put it on my hole face.
Then I was wrong.have you ever feed your  friends.

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