Tuesday, 6 December 2016


from the student of room  5 made a movie all about being cyber takes pacle in ptengland is for kids because when you Grow up you have to make a good choice and it cyber smart.well on the movie there was 4 boys not being cyber smart they were playing on there phone and they got sappned. You don't want that happen to you. The message is be cyber smart during class hours.

what i think of the camera shot it was good for the movie. there was no lighting consistent  .The camera they use was a camera.all of the angles shot Was appropriate

The script went with the movie but it could be better showing cybersmart.the music went with the movie it sound so good for the movie
It was the best song to pick..i could hear no dialogue.the movie was really really good

This is not done because i was too much talking i will do my best nextime

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