Wednesday, 22 April 2015

the school picin

have you been to a school picnic with your school befor? ‘Well I have’’ this year the whole children in pt england we went to Pt England Reserve. It and annual event school hung out day.

The first thing we did we sat down on the grass. Mr buat side to us we are  not allowed to go far. when Mr buat was fisher we got to go away and play some game.

There was some activities the activities was tee-ball,cricket,volleyball and soccer I was playing some volleyball like for 5min.there some of the people  went to ripper they were at the picnic 30min. once the picnic
was finished we all sat down.

The least favorite part when I never went to swimming. I never went swimming because I forgot my togs.

my favorite part in the school picnic were playing some of the cool activities.

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