Friday, 8 May 2015

my weekend

guess  what I did for the long weekend? well I am going to tell you about my long weekend.

In the weekend I went to my uncle to go for a visit. Then we went have something to eat at my aunty house we had pancake,natella and cream.
When we got all of the thing we need we went to bake pancake. Well we got sore scomachs.Then we went in my cousin room to have a rest
after our rest we had to do jobs.

on Saturday I just stayed  home watching movie by my self on my chrome book on the usb. the movie that I was watching is called step  up
all in it was a cool movie. My favourite bit was the dancing bit they had cool move like back flip then I went to sleep.

My loge weekend was kid of cool but I want to have moor fun then this loge weekend I want to go some were cool then this year.  


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