Monday, 18 May 2015

chocolate game

This morning we played a game. Have you heard about the chocolate game? Well I have. We played it inside room 8. Miss Lavakula brought all of the things we needed including the chocolate, plate and the clothes.

How to play the chocolate game. You have to roll the dice if you get a 6 you have to run in the middle and put on 6 items on your self. If you don't roll a 6 you give it to the next person so they can have a turn. when you put 6 items you grab the fork and knife and cut a chocolate and eat it.Once the chocolate is all gone the game is over.

When it was my turn to get the dice, I was wishing not to get a six, but I did.I got up and I ran in the middle and I was getting dressedup.Then when another person got a six so I quickly ran and sat down.I did not want to came back to me and I tried hard not to get an 6 and I did it.

I was so embarrassed when I got into the middle because people were noisy and shouting at me.I did  not want to dress up when I was in the middle either.

My favourite bit of the game is when I didn't get a 6. I never want to play the chocolate game again              

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